Monday, January 21, 2013

My artist Statement

 My artist Statement
My art passion and converged with several faces in yourself, especially when I refer to memories and fantasies, always taking as a starting point my endless revelations dreamlike aesthetic submitting a proposal that allows the balance between form and color hierarchies throughout its length, leaning on the many manifestations of the senses. This is demonstrated by my series of drawings depicting the absurdity of dreams and irrationalities of genuine feelings that come from my subconscious inherited uncontrollable thoughts, expressed through form, color, light and shadow, this is my artist statement.



This work of art "Nightmare", which I made in 1995, the name says it all ..., expresses a truth reflected in its figure ... because it represents all the nightmares that Cubans are living for more than half a century, nightmare put in the shadow of the first commandment of human beings, freedom of expression and thought, also reflects the progressive destruction of cities, the ecosystem and society at large, the dramatic situation in my country for many years. This artwork came with me to the United States because to me it has a special meaning. It's the logo for my business as an artist, logo of my websites, as in ..., my blog and everything that has to do with my artwork. It is the only piece I have of all my works of art that was created in Cuba ... It has been a great inspiration to continue my creative work. This piece is not for sale because I use it as a logo for my business, but if anyone is willing to give me a good offer for this piece I might take it into consideration.
In a very modest and humble way I’ve created this blog paying close attention to all the details to get the result that all of you deserve. You can see all my work including the ones that have been sold. You can also buy copies, posters, acrylic and greeting cards from my paintings that have been purchased. This blog contains my work from all these years living in the U.S.A. These paintings have been exposed in different galleries and have been created using different techniques like watercolor, ink, pastel, oil, and acrylic. All of them also have different textures that focus on my very own surrealist feelings, and are a reflection of a very beautiful but complicated life for all human beings in the earth. I’ve tried to show in my work all manifestations and dilemmas of humanity. I also have some Cuban landscapes trying to get away from the schematic classical style by using primary colors in their purest way, emphasizing colors like red and blue. In all these landscapes I’ve tried to show the “campina cubana” image that I have in my mind even though I was not born in there, but it is a very vivid image of me due to all of my trips to “la escuela al campo” during middle and high school. Now I work at home as American Artist in Miami.
This is my Artist Statement.